Enhancing the Dining Experience with Augmented Reality Menus

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Denny's, one of the largest franchised full-service restaurant brands in the world, was looking to transform the traditional way people interact with menus and provide a more engaging and fun dining experience.

As part of its new "It's Diner Time" platform, Denny's aimed to offer patrons an immersive visual experience that would not only showcase the brand's history but also bring its dishes to life.


Denny's partnered with QReal, a subsidiary of The Glimpse Group, to create an augmented reality (AR) experience for their menu. With QReal's expertise, Denny's launched an AR-integrated menu that immerses diners in the brand's history, highlights limited time specials, and shares ingredient stories.

The AR menu features high quality 3D assets and can be accessed through 8th Wall's web-based AR platform, which runs seamlessly on mobile and tablet browsers without requiring a separate app download.


By incorporating AR technology into their menu, Denny's successfully elevated the dining experience for its patrons, offering a fresh and captivating approach to exploring the menu and the brand's history. This move towards more immersive dining experiences can potentially foster greater customer engagement and loyalty.

This collaboration between Denny's and QReal demonstrates how AR technology can enhance customer experience within the food service industry.

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“Our new AR-enabled menus elevate our guests' dining experience by leveraging QReal's expertise and cutting-edge AR technology to bring our menu and history to life in a new, exciting way."

- John Dillon, President, Denny's