Immersive Experience Takes CES by Storm and Wins Top Honors

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Bell aimed to showcase their latest technological advancements at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world's largest trade show, and sought to create an immersive and interactive experience that would engage attendees and leave a memorable impression.

Bell wanted to stand out among hundreds of other exhibitors and required a creative solution to effectively display their brand and products.


Sector 5 Digital developed an extraordinary immersive experience by merging Virtual Reality (VR) with a life-sized physical model of Bell's latest Air Taxi. Passengers could get inside the Air Taxi, put on a VR headset, and feel as if they were on an actual passenger flight. S5D also produced three videos demonstrating various scenarios of Air Taxi rides, with avatars of three actors added in the VR experience to make it feel more realistic. Additionally, they created other videos and website assets to create excitement and anticipation for Bell's appearance at CES.


The interactive experience was a tremendous success, earning WIRED Magazine's highly coveted Best of CES award. Over 7,000 individuals went through the experience during CES, making it one of the most sought-after exhibits at the show. The project's overwhelming success inspired Bell to partner with Sector 5 Digital on various projects for CES in the years following.

These projects have proven to be highly popular, generating over 1 billion social media impressions and receiving multiple awards, along with interviews from prominent media outlets such as CNET, Forbes, and The Today Show.

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