Increasing Customer Engagement and Loyalty with Virtual Experience Platforms

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Mavenir, a provider of end-to-end mobile network software, sought a solution for showcasing their portfolio that was portable, scalable, and cost-effective. The team wanted a tool comparable to physical customer experience centers to help customers explore Mavenir's software and services.

To meet these needs, Mavenir partnered with Glimpse Group subsidiary, Sector 5 Digital (S5D) to develop a virtual customer tool that would achieve this.


Sector 5 Digital designed the Mavenir Virtual Customer Experience Platform (VCEP), a browser-based tool where customers can explore Mavenir's end-to-end network architectures, and visit the Virtual Demo Lab to interact with equipment and product demonstrations.

The VCEP allows Mavenir's sales team to engage with prospective customers virtually at any time, using the recently released Metahuman Creator Software by Unreal Engine to create photorealistic characters.


The Mavenir Virtual Customer Experience Platform (VCEP) created by S5D was a hit at the 2022 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, VCEP was presented to attendees as a 3D theater experience. Communication Service Providers were impressed with the tool, recognizing its potential to help their enterprise customers grasp the benefits of various 5G use cases.

S5D combined creative storytelling and emerging technology to showcase Mavenir’s products and solutions in various use cases, highlighting their functionality and keeping customers engaged. The VCEP microsite effectively reinforced Mavenir's key brand messaging by allowing customers to explore how their technology can transform the world's connectivity.

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"This is the best project that marketing has done to help sales in our company. The [VCEP] is a well structured tool, which we can now continue to develop and enrich."

- Stefano Cantarelli, CMO, Mavenir