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Galderma, a Swiss-based pharmaceutical company specializing in dermatology solutions needed to address a critical issue in their training process for their Galderma Aesthetic Injector Network (GAIN). GAIN injectors required anatomy education to ensure safe injections for their patients.

However, the traditional training methods Galderma offered consisted of 2D pictures combined with limited and expensive opportunities to train at cadaver labs. This posed a challenge for Galderma in providing an accessible and comprehensive education option for their Healthcare Professionals (HCPs).


Sector 5 Digital, a Glimpse Group subsidiary, developed an interactive app that offers a 3D perspective of facial anatomy and includes an aging slider to show the effects of aging on the skin.

The app is designed for on-the-go education and is highly detailed, with intuitive touch and gesture controls, on-screen notes, and voiceover options. The app provides a superior alternative to 2D images, it can be used for both individual and group training and helps ensure safer outcomes for patients receiving Galderma injections.


The app has transformed anatomy training for Galderma healthcare professionals, with over 50,000 HCPs receiving quality training through it that would have been nearly impossible and cost-prohibitive through traditional methods.

The app's interactive features have helped HCPs better understand and explain anatomical landmarks, resulting in improved safe injection practices, more natural-looking outcomes, and increased patient satisfaction. The high quality visuals and clarity provided by the app have received excellent feedback from training attendees.

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"[Sector 5 Digital] really immersed themselves into our business, going above and beyond on multiple occasions. Anytime we have a large-scale webinar event to show off the app, our net promoter score (NPS) jumps up to 87% or higher. Our customer base is definitely excited to engage with the tool."

- Carrie Galpin, Director of Training & Edu - Aesthetics, Galderma GIA