Snap Uses Augmented Reality to Supercharge User Engagement

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Augmented Reality


Brands in many sectors, such as e-commerce, retail, food and hospitality, luxury, and automotive industries are seeking new and creative approaches to attract a younger audience.

Although many brands have recognized Snapchat as a vital platform to connect with this demographic, they encounter difficulties in developing compelling and interactive content that will resonate with Snap's user base.


QReal, a Glimpse Group subsidiary and preferred partner of Snap Inc., has created an AR solution for brands interested in developing experiences on Snapchat.

QReal's team of designers and developers specialize in creating hyper-realistic, 3D models of products that can be used in AR experiences on Snapchat. By partnering with QReal, brands can bring their products to life in an immersive and interactive way, capturing the attention of Snapchat's younger user base.


QReal's partnership with Snap has enabled them to showcase their capabilities to a global audience, including at the Snap Annual Partner Summit. At the summit, QReal was highlighted as an example of how brands can leverage Snapchat to create dynamic 3D experiences.

Leading brands have teamed up with QReal to produce AR experiences on Snapchat, resulting in increased sales, brand awareness, and viral content. Among QReal's notable clients are Chanel, KFC, Sony, Dominos, Panera, and others.

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