Virtual Reality Training Gives University Students Real-World Accounting Experience

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Nova Southeastern University (NSU) sought a way to enhance its accounting classes and provide students with a more realistic and interactive learning experience, as the traditional classroom setting did not fully prepare them for real-world skills and challenges they would face in their careers, such as accounting for inventory in a warehouse setting.


To address this challenge, NSU partnered with Glimpse Group subsidiary Foretell Reality, a specialist in creating immersive VR simulations for educational and training applications.

Foretell developed a VR simulation for NSU's accounting classes, which placed students in a virtual warehouse containing interactive boxes that they needed to locate and record the condition of. The boxes were randomly placed throughout the warehouse and students were given a specific set of boxes to find and account for.


The VR simulation provided students with a realistic and interactive learning experience that allowed them to practice accounting skills in a hands-on, virtual environment. It complimented the traditional classroom setting, helping to emphasize the learning objectives of the class.

NSU saw an increase in student engagement and satisfaction, with feedback from faculty and students being overwhelmingly positive. The VR simulation was a valuable tool for teaching accounting skills in a more realistic environment and preparing students for their future careers.

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