Virtual Try-On Solution Gains Traction in the Beauty Industry

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Alluring Minerals



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Beauty brands invest significant amounts of time and resources into ensuring that their products are of the highest quality, long-lasting, and environmentally sustainable. However, it is challenging to maintain a strong position in a highly competitive industry.

In an attempt to stand out from their competitors, Alluring Minerals aimed to differentiate itself by implementing new and innovative business strategies. They were searching for a solution that would attract new customers and provide them with tangible and distinctive value.


Alluring Minerals teamed up with PulpoAR, a subsidiary of Glimpse Group, to develop a user-friendly virtual try-on solution for their makeup products. With this web-based tool, customers can try on makeup anytime and anywhere with a high degree of detail and realism.

PulpoAR's virtual try-on technology provides a distinctive experience where users can experiment with various products, ranging from lipstick to foundation. By using this tool, customers can select the products that best suit them without having to visit physical stores or use testers.


Alluring Minerals' virtual try-on solution significantly increased their add-to-cart rate, achieving a x2.5 improvement compared to the average e-commerce rates.

One out of every three users either directly added a product to their shopping cart within the virtual try-on experience or visited the product page for more detailed information. The data also revealed that users actively engaged with the brand, trying out an average of 16.9 products during the virtual try-on session and spending an average of 2.8 minutes engaged in the experience.

This project proved highly successful in elevating Alluring Mineral's brand through a high-quality virtual shopping experience.

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