The Glimpse Group Appoints M7 Innovations’ Matt Maher as Advisor & Strategic Marketing Partner
Glimpse Group

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Mar 1st, 2022

The Glimpse Group Appoints M7 Innovations’ Matt Maher as Advisor & Strategic Marketing Partner

Glimpse Engages Leading-Edge NYC-Based Creative Firm to Guide Marketing Efforts Amidst Rapid Metaverse Adoption and Market Growth

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 1, 2022 / 
The Glimpse Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRAR)(FSE:9DR) ("Glimpse," "The Glimpse Group" or the "Company") a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality ("VR and AR") platform company comprised of multiple VR and AR software & services companies, today announced the appointment of Matt Maher, Founder of M7 Innovations ("M7"), as a strategic marketing advisor. In this new role, Maher and the M7 creative team will help guide the Company as it expands its marketing efforts, strategically growing key parts of the business as it scales globally.

Maher and the M7 Innovations team have worked with leading brands across several industries including retail, luxury, automotive, entertainment, fast casual dining, and enterprise. Panera Bread, Timberland, Cox Automotive, Bollé, Nickelodeon, and Suffolk Construction are just some of the brands M7 has worked with, strategically guiding them through the marketing opportunities and benefits of using emerging tech such as AR, VR, and Voice Technology.

"The Metaverse is on every brand's radar with Fortune 500 companies sprinting to form a game plan and take advantage of a marketplace that is expected to impact billions of consumers over time," said Maher. "Glimpse is uniquely positioned as a best-in-class AR and VR provider of technologies that are the underpinning of the Metaverse and offer brands some of the highest quality experiences available on the market today."

Maher continued, "Acting as Glimpse's strategic marketing advisor, M7 will build upon our already successful partnership by helping it further expand into other markets, identifying new sectors and use cases where brands will succeed in the Metaverse-everything from education and the sciences to retail and financial services."

Lyron Bentovim, President & CEO of Glimpse, said, "Matt's keen understanding of emerging tech coupled with his brand marketing prowess have helped us bridge the gap between potential use cases for our technologies and actually translating them into applications and revenues with Tier 1 customers. Matt is a futurist, thought leader, and industry expert with a practical ability to educate leading brands as to the potential of emerging technologies and help guide them in their adoption, which is why we officially brought him on as a trusted advisor."

As an illustrative example, as a result of a recent collaboration between M7 and QReal -a wholly owned subsidiary of Glimpse-the two companies won Digiday's 2021 Modern Retail Award for an AR campaign they developed alongside French eyewear maker, Bollé. The campaign resulted in 18 million interactions and a 313.6 percent increase in sales, demonstrating the clear value exchange of interactive, fun, and engaging AR experiences for both brands and consumers.

About M7 Innovations

M7 Innovations is an NYC-based creative firm that works with brands and executive teams to conceptualize, create, and execute on solutions that leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI), Voice Technology, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR). Founded in 2019 by Matt Maher, M7 partners with other tech visionaries and leaders in this space to create unique customer experiences that drive meaningful engagement - from retail and transportation, to lifestyle and fashion. Follow Matt on Twitter (@mattmaher14) and sign up for his weekly M7 Innovation Brief, covering 3 hot topics in 90 seconds.

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The Glimpse Group (NASDAQ:VRAR)(FSE:9DR) is a Virtual and Augmented Reality platform company, comprised of multiple VR and AR software & services companies, and designed with the specific purpose of cultivating entrepreneurs in the VR/AR industry. Glimpse's unique business model simplifies challenges faced by VR/AR entrepreneurs and creates a robust ecosystem, while simultaneously providing investors an opportunity to invest directly into the emerging VR/AR industry via a diversified platform. For more information on The Glimpse Group, please visit

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