The Glimpse Group and North-Star Care Announce a Multiyear Virtual Reality Software and Services Engagement
Glimpse Group

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Jul 20th, 2021

The Glimpse Group and North-Star Care Announce a Multiyear Virtual Reality Software and Services Engagement

Foretell Reality, a Glimpse subsidiary company, to Develop VR Experiences and Tools to Support North-Star Care's Tele-Health Substance Use Disorder Program

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 20, 2021 /
Foretell Reality, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Glimpse Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRAR; "Glimpse"), and a provider of social Virtual Reality (VR) multi-person spaces, collaboration and interpersonal interaction, today announced a multiyear, six figure, software and services engagement with telehealth medical treatment provider North-Star Care (NSC).

Foretell Reality ( leverages VR to enhance interpersonal experiences in professional settings, including for therapy and mental support, soft skills practice and development, remote business and creative collaboration.

North-Star Care ( provides tele-health medical addiction treatment through constantly evolving treatment protocols that include AI/machine learning, medication, VR peer support, wearable assessment, drink substitution, nootropic and nutraceutical supplements. NSC is disrupting the paradigm and changing how people with alcohol use disorder (AUD) receive care on an ongoing basis while reducing barriers for participation and recovery.

Foretell and NSC will develop a robust roadmap of VR experiences and tools to be integrated with NSC's mobile application and administrative system, supporting biometric authentication, secured protocols, and by invitation-only sessions. This includes VR environments for support group and 1x1 sessions, customizable avatar representation, social interaction and activities (e.g. mindfulness exercises, games), shareable media (e.g. documents, 360 and 2D videos), and remote communication through spatial audio, and non-verbal cues (e.g. body movement, hand gestures). The companies will also conduct studies and customer focus groups to continually evolve and optimize the use of VR for treatment of alcohol use disorder through social engagement, guidance, and practice from anywhere.

Amanda Wilson, MD and CEO of NSC said, "We believe that VR technology will play a vital role in enhancing treatment of substance use disorder by providing an immersive and engaging tool for remote peer support and clinical guidance. As we look to disrupt traditional AUD treatment practices, our engagement with Foretell Reality provides the pathway to innovate and evolve our comprehensive, team based virtual treatment protocols to deliver a state-of-the-art medical program to help our patients".

Dror Goldberg, General Manager of Foretell Reality and Glimpse's VP Product commented, "NSC offers an innovative virtual alcohol treatment program, and we are thrilled to work with their highly-experienced team to address this important mission. By utilizing Foretell Reality's platform to deploy and manage specialized VR experiences, clinicians and participants have access to the unique capabilities that VR now allows in order to enhance the efficacy of therapy, support and mentoring techniques for those suffering from AUD. Foretell's immersive experiences provide a tangible group presence, while reducing traditional therapy barriers through anonymity and ease of access from the comfort of one's home. We look forward to a successful and long-term engagement with North-Star Care."

About Foretell Reality

Foretell Reality is a social virtual reality platform that supports many different types of avatars with varying degrees of realism and expression for different use cases including VR therapy and support, soft skills training, and business collaboration. For more details:

About North-Star Care

North-Star Care is a telehealth alcohol treatment program that is comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and personalized for each patient. A virtual alcohol treatment program that is an alternative to rehab. We are the most comprehensive, team-based medical program available. For more details:

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The Glimpse Group (NASDAQ: VRAR) is a diversified Virtual and Augmented Reality platform company, comprised of multiple VR and AR software & services companies, and designed with the specific purpose

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Foretell Reality Contact:
Dror Goldberg General Manager

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Maydan Rothblum CFO & COO The Glimpse Group, Inc.

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