Food & Hospitality

Enhance experiences for your customers with VR/AR technology. Outfit your menus with AR to share high-quality 3D models of your dishes, leading to well-informed and satisfied customers. Create branded VR/AR promotions for live events and travel opportunities, ensuring your guests have exciting and memorable experiences. Embed dynamic information into your products with interactive AR labeling.

Host Live Events in VR

Reinvent traditional 2D live video events into groundbreaking 3D entertainment experiences with Virtual Reality.

Visualize Dishes in AR

Increase Point of Sale and inform your customers by outfitting traditional menus with high-quality 3D models of your dishes. Embed AR visualizations in articles and promotions which reference your dishes to build customer interest.

Food & Hospitality

Interactive Packaging

Add dynamic information to a product's packaging to encourage purchases and gamify product consumption. Inform your customers and make your products more memorable with VR/AR labeling.

AR Promoting Tourism

Make the pictures you take on vacation even more memorable by adding AR features. Enliven landscapes, pair photos with AR-outfitted destinations, and share your travel experiences with other users.

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