By utilizing VR/AR technology, retail companies can enhance their ecommerce sites, reinforce brick-and-mortar locations, and create engagement opportunities for consumers with activated VR/AR marketing.

Virtual showrooms and fitting rooms allow customers to try on products from home using AR filters, reducing returns and boosting consumer confidence. Conduct social media campaigns with branded AR filters and games, increasing brand retention and gamifying advertisements. Enliven print media with paired AR experiences, displaying dynamic information and other marketing activations directly on product packaging.

AR Social Media Promotions

Create engagement opportunities through customizable social media campaigns by integrating branded AR filters and games.

AR Packaging

Add dynamic information to product labels, gamifying product packaging to encourage purchases. Bring product images and other print media to life by pairing them with AR experiences.


AR Branding Experiences

Enhance a product or service with a paired AR experience to increase retention and equity in the brand.

Virtual Fitting Rooms

Normally, online shoppers can't test or try on the products they're buying. Now customers can use AR filters to virtually try products on, bolstering consumer confidence and reducing return rates.

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