VR/AR technology is transforming healthcare practices and training programs. Healthcare professionals receiving hard skill training in VR/AR can practice difficult procedures in a low-pressure environment. Patients receiving care can feel more comfortable in treatment centers with VR/AR experiences. Both physical therapy and mental/emotional therapy benefit from the conveniences of VR/AR technology.

Clinical Training

VR/AR-based training enables upcoming healthcare professionals to safely acquire on-the-job experience, practicing procedures and receiving constructive feedback in the moment.

Pediatric Distraction Therapy

VR/AR comforts patients by transforming ordinary hospital rooms into vivid, colorful artscapes. Patients who are physically separated can be brought together in virtual environments, providing a sense of agency to patients receiving treatment on-site.


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy conducted in VR allows the therapist to personalize and fine-tune exercises within a given application, making physical therapy more convenient and engaging for patients.

Remote Therapy Sessions

Lifelike avatars, gestures, and virtual environments lend a sense of realism to remote therapy, allowing it to be just as effective and more convenient than in-person therapy.

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